Fleeting Clouds – Performance Notes

I think this is probably the most demanding of the set, but you don't need to take it as fast as I have. It needs to be lively and energetic - fleeting - but it can be slower (though note it is 2/2 not 4/4). Unlike the first two pieces, this one generally needs to be in fairly strict time.

This needs much less pedal than the preceding two numbers. I found myself using the pedal in bars 9-11, 17-25, and 34-63 (and in the corresponding points in the repeat), but otherwise leaving it off and allowing the detail to come across more clearly.

Getting the arpeggio figure (e.g. bar 1 in the right hand, or bar 13 in the left) smooth requires practice and following a consistent fingering. Likewise in bar 75 I don't think there's any avoiding the awkwardness of putting the thumb on the E♭ in preparation for the octave leap - just practice and you'll find it's perfectly possible.

Performance Notes

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